Friday, January 07, 2005

Photo Ops v. Actions

Here is Kofi at convenient photo op signing his condolences. I guess they don't allow you to hand out aid to refugees until you sign in. Nothing helps alleviate a crisis more than good intentions...except maybe a box of food or water. Maybe next trip, eh Kofi?

Wow, there are a lot of people there to help Kofi spread good intentions.

Here is Colin doing his best Kofi impersonation. At least hand her a bottle of water man! Perhaps he is after Kofi's job....

And here is Kofi getting back on his plane, after a quick look at the devastation. The US military appreciates all the hard work you put in handing out the relief supplies they brought in......not.

Speaking of the US military, lets check in on their photo ops. This one looks obviously staged....I mean who does real work when you can simply hold a press conference....

Wow, Kofi had more people than that. The US must be doing it all wrong. See what happens when you do things unilaterally?

Wait...there are more people. But what could be more appealing about handing out fresh water than signing a condolence book at an international airport?

Much has been made about how the UN flew in several days after the fact to "coordinate" the relief operations. well they can "coordinate" all they want, but here are some pictures of actual relief operations. See if you can notice a theme in the supplies that are being delivered....

Damn that US unilateralism. It will ruin the world!